We use tests from professional sport to get a complete picture of your strengths and weaknesses. Think of yourself as a jigsaw, some pieces are strengths and others need some work. Without identifying these, anybody who designs a training plan is just guessing. And without having data to use as benchmarks then monitoring is even more guesswork.

We individualise our tests to suit the individual. A cyclist needs different qualities measuring compared to a runner or someone recovering from injury.

We can include screening and testing for:

Fundamental Movement Skills

We use a range of screens to identify mobility and how good you are at the key fundamental movements (squatting, lunging, pushing, pulling, rotating and bracing) and how well you move (hop, jump, run, change direction) at different speeds. This will give information on strength imbalances, restriction’s and where you need to improve in movement control and flexibility.


All sports need power. We will use technology to establish your profile by measuring your jump height, flight time, ground contact time, RSI (Reactive Strength Index), stiffness, take off velocity, watts and energy used on 2 legs and 1 to identify overall levels and any asymmetry between left and right. We can also use a treadmill to establish any biomechanical difference between left and right on stride length, stride rate, ground contact time and vertical oscillation.

We can also calculate a Force: Velocity profile for you which identifies whether you need to focus training strength or speed.


All sports require strength but some more so than others. Traditionally, this used to regularly involve lifting heavy weights which was dangerous for those not used to it but can now be done with lighter weights using technology and much quicker.

Running Technique

Most sports require some form of running, either fast, slow, up and downhill or using a change of direction. We will use direct observation, slow motion video analysis, splits by speed gates and force- velocity profiling technology to give you a detailed analysis of what to improve.

What happens after the testing?

We will write you a detailed report identifying strengths, weaknesses and possible ways to improve. The data becomes a benchmark to see how you progress. Optimize Fitness can work with you to design an individualised training programme.

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