Online 1:1 Core and Strength Training

Strength and conditioning is used by top athletes to build mobility, strength, power to improve performance and prevent or rehab from injury. Improving strength and power levels are key elements in most pre-seasons for athletes. It’s becoming a key driver in long term athletic development for younger athletes and maintaining performance through a season and as you get older.

But the S&C programmes need to be individualised to you and built around your strengths, weaknesses, personal goals and access to facilities. We don’t do one size fits all, our programmes aren’t off the shelf or copied from a book or magazine– they are built and designed around you by highly qualified and experienced Coaches and Physios.

You will be screened, tested and monitored remotely so you can fit sessions into your lifestyle.

How do we do this? We will screen and test you by using smart phone video footage and Apps and then analyse the results to create a profile of your strengths and weaknesses and set benchmarks.

We will build a programme around when you can train and what equipment you have available. You will get session plans and a weekly training structure. A constant monitoring and updating system will be designed with you to help improvements happen as fast as possible. Some people want updates to Training Peaks and other online tracking tools, others choose Excel spreadsheets or email -or a mix, it’s all individual. We also work with many athlete’s Physios and personal Coaches to create an all-round training package – your own performance support team!

We’ll coach you to learn how to do the exercises correctly, avoid injury and give you detailed instructions on the specific exercises, provide video clips, give feedback on footage of you training and can be done live via FaceTime etc. You will have unlimited access to coaching support via email, text, phone etc.

Cost: £90 per month.