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Injury rates in sport are high, statistically 1 in 3 runners every year and up to a massive 93% in beginners.


Ongoing groin, hip and hamstring injuries are common in team sports and back and neck in rotational sports like golf and tennis. Physio’s help heal injured tissues and reduce pain, but most aren’t experts in return to play and performance. Many athletes return to sport and are reinjured within weeks and end up in a frustrating cycle of pain with repeat expensive visits to Physio’s. Optimize Fitness will bridge the gap from you leaving the Physio to returning to train, play and perform.

We will use advanced technology to assess your current range of motion, strength and power profiles across movements and muscle groups to establish what specific training you need to do. Our coaching will then get you stronger, faster, fitter, more injury resilient and back to where you want to be. 

Returning to train, play and perform are different stages and need different approaches. We will continually assess your progress and customize your rehab to your needs.


Performance Analysis: £99 for initial testing and report

Tests cover range of movement, strength, speed, power, agility, endurance, muscle imbalances and functional movement screening. 

Full analysis and evaluation report provided including recommendations on injury status, sport specific strengths and weaknesses, training loads, intensities, remedial exercises and technique improvement. 

Sessions include ongoing testing, monitoring and reporting.

Travel costs may apply, along with venue hire costs if applicable.

Rehab Coaching and Support

Individual sessions at £45 per hour or monthly support at £125 for 3 sessions a month, with further 1:1 sessions at £35 per month.

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