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Want a detailed overview of your running technique, fitness and recommendations on what to do to get better?

The Runners MOT and Service includes analysis of your running technique combined with  evaluation of your power, movement skills, injury profile and training week. You will get a detailed report which profiles you and gives you a range of ideas to improve and that elusive PB.

This uses professional methods and equipment including an enhanced Functional Movement Screen, slow motion video analysis and JumpMat testing and will  give you information on single leg and double leg power, VO2, velocity at VO2, lactate threshold, hydration status, training zones and can be linked to particular events , distances and terrains.

We will analyse how you train and what you should be thinking of including going forward.

Commercially, this would cost £300 or more!

Venue : Takes about 2 hours and we can come to you!

To book, please contact us.

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