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Optimize Fitness Performance


Performance Analysis: £99

  • Optimize Fitness specialises in 1: 1 high level performance analysis done face to face or remotely.

  • Many athletes and games players choose Optimize Fitness to take them to the next performance level or rehab from injury. 

  • Think of yourself as a jigsaw, some pieces are strengths and others need some work. Without identifying these, anybody who designs a training plan is just guessing. And without having data to use as benchmarks then monitoring is even more guesswork.

  • We individualise our tests to suit the individual. A cyclist needs different qualities measuring compared to a runner or someone recovering from injury.

  • We also advise individuals on strength training with the analysis enabling accurate prediction of sets, reps and loads for many different gym- based exercises.

We use:

  • Scientifically validated tests.

  • Methods used in professional sport.

  • A range of tests chosen to suit you and your sport, covering speed, power, strength, endurance and movement skills.

  • Advanced video techniques to analyse your running, acceleration and deceleration.

  • Information on your injury history and can work with your Physio to provide a support team for you.

  • The process will take around 2 hours and you will receive summary of your strengths and weaknesses on the day with a detailed report to follow, including recommendations on what and how to improve.


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