Optimize Fitness specialises in high level performance analysis using tests from elite sport, this can now be done remotely using Apps, Zoom and video footage. Many athletes and games players choose Optimize Fitness to take them to the next performance level or rehab from injury. We also advise individuals on strength training with the analysis enabling accurate prediction of sets, reps and loads for many different gym- based exercises.

The video footage and remote testing using Apps (My Jump2 and My Lift) replaces 1:1 contact and enables you to do them at a time and place to suit you. A smartphone or I pad will be needed and some basic equipment (a cane or broom handle and a 30cm high box to step up on and jump off|).

These tests will enable high level analysis and the report you receive will include a summary of strengths and weaknesses with recommendations on what and how to improve.

You can choose the emphasis of the tests with up to 4 from movement skills, mobility and flexibility, power, strength and running technique and the tests themselves will be tailored to your sport – endurance runners and triathletes need different tests to a games player. There are 7 different tests within the My Jump 2 App and we recommend you do at least 4. 

Runners and triathletes are advised to use the My Jump 2 App and select movement skills, mobility and flexibility, power and running technique.

Games players should also consider strength and which 6 lifts they would like to prioritise, we would recommend including a lower body exercise like squat or deadlift, a pull eg. pull ups and a press eg. bench press. We will analyse lifting technique and predict RM, sets, reps and weights to be used. You will need the My Lift App.

We supply detailed instructions on how to do the tests and send us the data. Then we organise a Zoom or FaceTime appointment to go through other tests live. The process will take 1 to 2 hours. You can also send us more video footage of you running, moving and lifting weights so we can see how you train, compete and play. The more footage and data you can supply will result in a more individualised and detailed analysis of you.

We will also ask you about your sporting, injury and rehab history and what your goals are.

We will analyse all the tests, give you headline information on the day and email you a detailed report including training recommendations.

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