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Do you want to lose weight, gain muscle or have the best nutrition for that key event or PB?

We all train hard but are we getting the best out of our nutrition?

Not know where to start?



Nutrition MOT: £80

Analysis of your current nutrition and hydration including:

  • Calculate daily, training and competition requirements.

  • Measures fat and lean mass.

  • Identifies how many calories and how much fluid, carbohydrates, proteins and fats you need on training and non-training days.

  • Identifies whether your micronutrient intake is enough.

  • Evaluates your current diet and recommends nutritional strategy for optimum performance and weight loss. 

  • Takes your lifestyle and dietary preferences, including alcohol, into account – no-one’s perfect!


Bespoke Training And Event Nutrition: £149

Individualised nutrition strategy is a key driver of successful training programmes from weight management to ensuring you are fuelled well enough to train and perform.  

Social media is full of different approaches from High Carb/ Low Fat to High Fat/ Low Carb, Keto and plant based but what works best for you and in different events? 

What does science say is best practise for different training and events and should nutrition be different in training compared to the event?  

How do you change what you’re eating and drinking to put these strategies in place? 

What’s included? 

  • Sports nutrition analysis x 3 – at the start and then at 2 other times to fit training and the event. 

  • Recommendations on nutritional strategies and how to achieve them. 

  • Matching nutrition and hydration to training. 

  • Access to SENPRO software, tracker and recipes. 

  • Individualised strategies. 

  • Remote coaching for specific event with options for Face to Face.

  • Training and Event Day nutrition and hydration planning. 

Nutrition Support for Events: £70

Nutritional support to fit with your training plans and linking to any coaching you may have: £70 pcm.

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