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Do you want to lose weight, gain muscle or have the best nutrition for that key event or PB?

We all train hard but are we getting the best out of our nutrition?

Not know where to start?



Nutrition MOT: £70

Analysis of your current nutrition and hydration including:

  • Calculate daily, training and competition requirements.

  • Measures fat and lean mass.

  • Identifies how many calories and how much fluid, carbohydrates, proteins and fats you need on training and non-training days.

  • Identifies whether your micronutrient intake is enough.

  • Evaluates your current diet and recommends nutritional strategy for optimum performance and weight loss. 

  • Takes your lifestyle and dietary preferences, including alcohol, into account – no-one’s perfect!


Individualised Nutrition Support: £80 per month, 1st month is £150 as it includes the Nutrition MOT.

  • Individualised to your individual training and competition demands.

  • Tailored to your body composition goals.

  • Nutrition MOT included.

  • Daily and weekly calories, macros and micros calculated.

  • Weekly updates and adjustments.

  • Monitoring of lean and fat mass.

  • Advice on what and when to eat.

  • Nutritional strategies for recovery after training and competition.

  • Game day and event nutrition plans.

  • Example meal plans.

  • Minimum 3 month term.