Why choose a Strength & Conditioning Coach when you could go to a Personal Trainer or just go down the Gym?

UKSCA Accredited S&C coaches are focused on getting you better in your sport by using scientifically proven methods. They won't be bothered about getting you to classes or the latest trend or burning calories - its all about being faster, more agile, stronger  and lasting longer.


Strength and Conditioning is a vital aspect of long term player development and performance. A structured and well delivered programme will maximise gains in speed, strength, endurance, agility and power. Importantly, well developed athletes will be more robust and keep clear of injury for longer. S&C also bridges the gap back to performance after an injury after being signed off by a physio, ensuring an athlete is ready for competition and full scale training.

Strength and Conditioning programmes are as important for recreational, junior and older athletes as well as the elite. Optimize Fitness philosophy is to make best practise in S&C available and affordable for all athletes, by bringing top level expertise, techniques and technology to you.

Strength and Conditioning is more than lifting weights, it includes accurate performance measurement, improving movement skills, making sure an athlete's imbalances are removed, nutrition, recovery and injury prevention. Much emphasis is put on developing functional core strength so that power produced by the legs or arms can be effectively applied. Many of today's top athletes are spending more of their time doing S&C sessions to make sure they perform at their best for longer.

The gold standard qualification for Strength & Conditioning in the UK is UKSCA Accreditation, which guarantees professional standards of knowledge and delivery. All Optimize Fitness programmes are delivered by an UKSCA Accredited coach.

Our programmes are about being functional, getting the right blend of speed, strength , power and endurance for your sport. Every programme is tailored to your needs, your sport, how you train and whether you have access to a fully equipped gym or work out at home. Optimize Fitness will ask you about your targets, the time you have, the equipment you can use and can assess your skill in doing the exercises through video analysis before designing a programme that suits you.


Individual Fitness Testing, Performance Profiling  And Target Setting

Choose from a range of tests including strength, speed, power, agility, endurance, video analysis of movement skills, lifting technique and functional movement screening. Full analysis and evaluation report will be produced which will include recommendations on sport specific strengths and weaknesses, training loads, intensities, remedial exercises and technique improvement.

£99 for initial testing and report, following sessions at £35 per hour plus venue hire if applicable. Travel costs may apply.

Individual Profiling And Coaching

Full testing, screening, video analysis and evaluation report as above combined with 4 weeks of session plans . Unlimited support by email and text. Email facility for sharing video clips.   2 hour initial interview and testing.

£189 plus venue hire if applicable with successive months at £90 for 3 sessions a month. Additional sessions at £25 each . Minimum of 3 months contract. Travel costs may apply.

Small Group Profiling And Coaching

Full testing, screening, video analysis and evaluation report as above plus 4 weeks of individual session plans. Unlimited support by email and text. Email facility for sharing video clips. 3 hours for initial group interview and testing. Maximum group size is 4.

£320 plus venue hire if applicable. Extra coaching at £35 per hour. Travel costs may apply.

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