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  • The gold standard qualification for Strength & Conditioning in the UK is UKSCA Accreditation, which guarantees professional standards of knowledge and delivery. 

  • UKSCA Accredited S&C coaches are focused on getting you better in your sport by using scientifically proven methods. 

  • Strength and Conditioning is more than lifting weights, it includes accurate performance measurement, improving movement skills, making sure an athlete's imbalances are removed, nutrition, recovery and injury prevention. 


Performance Analysis: £99 for initial testing and report, with follow-on sessions at £35 per hour.

  • Choose from a range of tests including strength, speed, power, agility, endurance, video analysis of movement skills, lifting technique and functional movement screening. 

  • Full analysis and evaluation report including recommendations on sport specific strengths and weaknesses, training loads, intensities, remedial exercises and technique improvement. 

  • Travel costs may apply, along with venue hire costs if applicable.

Strength and Conditioning Coaching: £198 plus venue hire if applicable, with successive months at £99 for 3 sessions a month (with further sessions at £30).

  • Full performance analysis, evaluation report and a minimum of 3 months coaching including unlimited support by email, phone or social media.

  • Minimum of 3 months contract. Travel costs may apply.

  • 1: 1 available without the monthly package at £35 plus travel and entrance fees if applicable.

Remote Strength and Conditioning Coaching: £99 per month

  • S&C programmes need to be individualised to you, wherever you are and built around your strengths, weaknesses, personal goals and access to facilities. 

  • We don’t do one size fits all, our programmes aren’t off the shelf or copied from a book or magazine– they are built and designed around you by highly qualified and experienced Coaches and Physios.

  • You will be screened, tested and monitored remotely so you can fit sessions into your lifestyle. 

  • We also work with many athlete’s Physios and personal Coaches to create an all-round training package – your own performance support team!

  • We’ll coach you to learn how to do the exercises correctly and avoid injury.

  • Give you detailed feedback.

  • You will have unlimited access to coaching support via email, text, phone etc

  • Minimum 3-month term.

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