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Peaking a Road Cyclist in Pre-Competition Phase Using Isometrics

Euan Cameron is a high-level road racer who has been working with Optimize Fitness for several years, initially aiming to achieve a professional contract in Europe and lately to overcome injuries caused by crashes. Euan is now preparing to restart competing and his S&C programme is aimed towards peaking power and reducing fatigue.

One of the key methodologies used has been isometrics where he pushes or pulls against high loads. Isometrics have the advantages of achieving high neuromuscular outputs in event specific joint positions and muscle actions without creating the fatigue and muscle damage that traditional heavy strength training does. Isometrics also achieve this with less time spent under load which means that Euan can reduce training load and manage fatigue.

Early on in prehab, Euan used lower load isometrics but for longer time periods, in conjunction with traditional hex bar deadlift lift and jumps monitored by Force: Velocity technology, and this has now shifted to shorter duration and intense pushing isometrics at around 95-100% of effort held for a few seconds.

In the photo, Euan is set up in a Smith Machine for safety and has already warmed up with submaximal loads. His knee and ankle angles are specific to those he’ll use on his racing bike, this way we will get better transfer of training to performance compared to traditional weightlifting and plyometric training methods.

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