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Optimize Fitness delivers on site coach development support and workshops to upskill you, your athletes, players or coaches, and make your coaching team more effective.  We can customize support to meet your needs by working with coaches individually or in small groups.


We deliver workshops on generic coaching skills or in specific areas. Recent delivery has included:

  • Mentoring UKCC L1 & L2 Coaches prior to NGB assessment.

  • Mentoring S&C coaches working towards UKSCA qualifications.

  • Introduction to Strength and Conditioning.

  • Using Olympic lifts to develop power and speed.

  • What are Plyometrics and how to use them ?

  • Injury Prevention.

  • Soft Tissue Release And Self Massage Techniques.

  • Planning and Periodisation.

  • How to design short, medium and long term skill or fitness development.

  • Movement skills, how to develop them over time.

  • Designing Sports Specific Training Sessions.

  • How to run better.

  • Introduction to off road navigation.


Contact Optimize Fitness to discuss how you, or your coaches, can  be  developed on site at your club. We charge £45 per hour for individual or small group ( maximum 4 ) mentoring or £240 for a 2 hour workshop ( excluding venue hire and possible transport costs ) for up to 20 participants.

Most sports clubs pay small fortunes to send their coaches on UKCC Level 1 and 2 workshops which involve weekend courses and periods of supported practise back at the club. The reality is that many coaches return from the 1st weekend of a course and they don't feel ready to coach, are not confident in their own ability or have no mentor to ask for support.

Assessment is a real worry for many coaches who may feel really confident in their knowledge of the sport but are not used to the demands of UKCC courses with portfolios, reflections and coaching diaries

Optimize Fitness can support your developing coaches by mentoring them where and when they want, helping develop their portfolios and helping them practise the sessions they will have to deliver during their assessment day.

We can also support your coaches after they have passed their coaching course, your investment in them will be reflected in more members, greater standards and better coaching.

Optimize Fitness has worked with a range of NGB, universities, county sports partnerships, colleges, private schools, clubs and local councils in delivering coaching courses, workshops and mentoring coaches.

Alternatively, you might be working towards UKSCA, BWLA or 1st4sport coaching qualifications in Strength and Conditioning and need some support in improving your technique or completing your portfolio. Optimize Fitness has much experience in mentoring  and  can help you pass these qualifications and further your career in the sport and fitness industry.

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