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Favourite Runs: Stoodley Pike on a Summers Evening

The absolute favourite has to be going to and back from Stoodley Pike on a summer’s evening.

Setting off from Mytholmroyd steeply uphill up Daisy Bank and then south along the scarp edge, there are great views up Cragg Vale with loads of wildlife to watch. The gradient flattens as you hit Erringden Moor and an undulating path takes you to the top of the Broadhead Clough nature reserve with Bell Hall of Cragg Coiners fame visible just in front.

Turning right onto the moor, the path steepens and gets rougher underfoot as the boundary of the ancient deer park is followed. All you can see now is moor in front and the sound of curlews and skylarks singing. Five minutes steady uphill takes you to the green lane that is Dicks Lane where you’ll now see Stoodley Pike clear in front. If you’ve timed it right, the sun will be setting in a golden orb behind it as you join the Pennine way for the last drag up.

Usually, you’ll have Stoodley Pike all to yourself at this hour and if there’s no rush, climb to the top and see the views over the South Pennines with Todmorden and Hebden Bridge at your feet.

Enjoy the run back. It’s flat or downhill and the setting sun will be on your back.

As you return over Erringden Moor go straight across the moor, enjoying the views over to Widdop and Midgley Moor. The curlews will probably buzz you and the skylarks will be having their evensong. Drop down the steep banking or through the woods, enjoy the quiet as in a minute you’ll be back in civilisation…

It’s food for the soul…

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