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Why should Runners strength train?


Ø Improves Running Economy (the classic research showed 6% improvement in 6 weeks).

Ø Because strength training improves running economy, athletes are faster at the same VO2.

Ø Stronger muscles create more force into the ground giving a longer stride.

Ø Improves RFD (Rate of Force Development), you drive off the ground faster giving more power.

Ø Builds Type 2A fast twitch fibres which enhances speed and lactate buffering.

Ø Stronger muscles fatigue less.

Injury Prevention

Ø The major cause of injury in runners is overuse, doing too much too soon. Overuse injuries happen because the soft tissues are not strong enough to handle the task. Strength training strengthens the body and can reduce overuse injuries by over 50%.

Ø Stronger glute muscles support the pelvis better. A more neutral pelvis reduces injury risk in the knees, back and lower limb.

Ø Strength training improves bone density, helping protect against bone loss in older and menopausal women.

Ø Women are more likely to get ACL injuries than men because of anatomical differences, increased hamstring strength is a key preventor.

Ø Overuse is counteracted because strength training improves running so well that you can run less miles and less often.

Ø Research across many sports has shown that stronger athletes get injured less.

Why wouldn’t you?

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